We traveled from the states to Iceland in mid January 2017. Upon our arrival, our room was not available. For some reason our keys were not where they were supposed to be and we did not have a room. Prior to our arrival I had spoke with the owner through email multiples times so this issue was unexpected. Our flight was delayed 3 hours and we were exhausted coming in so this was kind of a big deal at the time, however, the owner was available immediately by the phone in the lobby and helped us to another room within 30 minutes. The room we had purchased online was definitely bigger than the room we ended up in but we did not complain because we were just happy to get to a bed. We wanted to switch to the bigger room but the owner basically said there was nothing she could do once we stayed in the room she gave us. We felt a little played but the size of the room was manageable for just my boyfriend and I and the place was perfect for what we were looking for, so we made do. For this reason alone, I cannot give a bad review because everything else was wonderful. It was a great deal for a cute little mini apartment which we did not spend too much time in anyway and the staff we met along the way were more than helpful!

In the lobby there was a great collection of outlet converters. This was very helpful as the one we bought online prior to the trip was broken. There was a laundry room in the lobby as well which I believe was free, however, we did not use it. The maid was even super nice and extremely informative as was the owner who we eventually met during our trip. She was SO sweet and down to earth and gave us a ton of useful information and helpful tips. There was a restaurant and bakery right across the street as well as a supermarket! Could not have been in a better location. There is even a gym in the same parking lot next door that we had access to even though we ended up not using it as planned.
The room was clean and everything was kept very nice every night when we came back from the days adventures. The bathroom was clean and kept very nice and contained a hairdryer which was nice. The mini kitchen was not the best for us because there was not much to use to cook a decent meal as we had planned. We spent a ton at the market but was unable to use most of it and had to leave the food behind. Breakfast worked out but there was not a pot big enough to boil pasta as we had read up on prior to visiting so we brought our own! Boiling pasta and heating jarred sauce is all you are really going to get with that, however, the oven was perfectly fine.

We rented a car and it was about a 10 minute drive to the city of Reykjavik but even without a car it would be cheap enough to take a cab. It seemed fairly easy to get around!

I have read that the northern lights were seen from the rooms there at the Blue Mountain Apartments. Although we did not see them there, we did get lucky enough to see them on our last night making this trip absolutely perfect. We LOVED Iceland as well as this hotel and when we return in the future, this is where we will be staying and every time after that! Stay there and you will not be disappointed! Happy travels 🙂

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